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Balayage, Ombre, Oh My!

So, you want to color your hair and came across two styles that appear quite similar: the balayage and the ombre. Well to some these words may sound foreign, and to others maybe you’ve heard of them but aren’t sure what they each are. Now before you run to your hair stylist randomly choosing one of these styles, we have some basic information for you about each. Balayage: First and foremost, a balayage isn’t only the style in which your hair is dyed, but is more so a technique your stylist will use to dye the hair. In French, balayage means “sweeping,” which describes the way the hair dye is applied. It is freehandedly painted on to blend the new color with the old. With the normal way of highlighting hair, typically with foils, the highlights can begin to look separate from the natural color as your roots grow in. The balayage technique can help avoid those pesky roots from ruining your perfect color. This is because the application of this technique is very diffe