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New Year, New Goals

2019 and the decade are coming to an end, so it’s time to think about those New Year Resolutions for 2020. Most resolutions are kept for the first few months of the year then abandoned, which is normal with all the other responsibilities you have to keep up with. This year will be different though because this blog shares tips on how to set and keep the right goals!

Determine what you want to achieve 

Before you can even start setting your goals, think about what you want to achieve next year. Make a list of your most important achievements and steps you need to take in order to accomplish them. That way you can visually see what you want and a road map to reach your goals. Pick the ones that you want to accomplish the most next year and they can be the start to your New Year Resolutions. 

Follow the SMART setup 

When creating goals, they should follow the acronym: SMART. Creating goals that follow this format is very important because, without them, you’re less likely to stick to your go…

Less Stress, More Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is coming up faster than you may think and while there’s still time to get ready for the big holiday, starting to get everything from your house to the food and more set up early will make this holiday less of a hassle. Whether you host Thanksgiving every year or this is your first time, our blog will give you some tips and tricks to prepare you for the big day with less stress. 

Prior to the event prep

Before you even start thinking about creating your menu and buying the Thanksgiving ingredients, you need to determine how many people are coming so you know how much food you need. While Thanksgiving is known for leftovers, overbuying will cause you to spend more money and time than you need to. 

If you’d like to make your Thanksgiving more formal, you can make invitations (either online or printed) and send them out to your guests. Simply asking those who you’d like to come works just as well and saves you some time if you’re going for a more casual event. There’s no wrong …

Prepare your Wardrobe for Fall with This Year's Colors

Photo: The Sweetest Thing Blog Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out, pumpkins are available for picking, apple cider for drinking and flannels to be worn, which only means one thing: fall is here. With the arrival of this chilly, spooky season means new fashion trends are coming and you can certainly join in on the fun. While there are plenty of trends to jump on the bandwagon of, following the fall colors is one of the easiest ways to do so. 

Of course, there are fall shades that remain popular every season, but this blog covers more than your typical fall colors. For every burgundy sweater, there’s a teal jacket for you to create a unique fall look this year. 

Olive Green

We’ll start off with a basic fall color: olive green. You can never go wrong with wearing this color when the weather cools down. From your army jackets to olive-green jeans and sweaters, the possibilities are endless. This color will remain a classic and works perfectly with colors like white, gray and even dark reds. 

Even if…

Back to School Doesn't Have to be a Hassle: Prepare Healthier Lunches with Less Stress

Back to school season is here, which means that it’s time to get back to preparing kid’s lunches (and your own). Making lunches may seem like a simple task, but it can get tedious when you’re doing it every day. That’s why we wrote this blog to make it easier to prepare healthy lunches for you and your kids!

Tip 1: Prepare in advance While this may seem like a no-brainer, there’s more than one way to prepare your meals in advance. Some people meal prep for the whole week, for the day before, etc. Our meal prep tip looks a little different, though. 

Make a menu for the week with what foods you are going to pack and prepare so you can buy those foods/ingredients at the store. This will help you avoid buying what you see at the store and stick to your list, which saves you money too. 

Here’s a bonus tip: if some of your recipes require less common ingredients, try to make other recipes that contain those ingredients that week. Instead of using some ingredients once, this will allow you to be…

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