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Look Good, Feel Good This Summer: With These Beauty Esssentials

Photo by: The Quench Summer is here and with the sun, heat and sweat comes a desire to keep looking good even when you can’t cool down. Now due to the change in season and temperature, you probably won’t be using all of the same beauty products that you did during winter or even spring. That’s where we come in: here’s our list of beauty essentials for the warm, summer months to keep you looking and feeling good. Makeup While your core makeup may stay the same, this is something that changes from season to season. From colors to texture and more, switching up your makeup helps you try new things and find the best product for that time of year.  Photo by: In The Frow The first essential for your summer makeup look is a lightweight foundation. This is crucial in the heat since when you sweat, the light foundation won’t mess up your skin like a heavier one could. Aveda has their Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture product that comes in different tones with organic ingred