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Fall/Winter Fashion Must-Haves

November is here, which means autumn is in full swing, but it also means that winter will be here before we know it. As the leaves fully fall from the trees and the snow begins to leave the ground covered in a white blanket, it’s time to stock up on these fall/winter clothing essentials. Sweaters             Sweaters are the staple of every fall/winter wardrobe and while almost everyone owns at least one of these clothing items, there are so many different kinds of sweaters to choose from (and it doesn’t hurt to own one of each so you can always mix it up).             Turtlenecks: This sweater style may have been popular in the 90’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style now. On the contrary, turtleneck sweaters are a popular winter staple even in 2018. Not only are there so many ways to wear them, they are perfect for a variety of occasions: from work, to causal wear, or those holiday parties you’ll be invited to.