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12 Days of Aveda

        This time of year is filled with holiday themed music, and one of the songs you’re most likely to hear in some way or form is the “12 Days of Christmas.” You know, the one that lists all the presents some lady is getting for 12 days of Christmas. Well, that song was the inspiration behind this blog post, because we decided to take that popular tune and turn it into the 12 Days of Aveda, featuring Aveda’s special gift packages for the holiday season.         On the first day of Aveda, my true love gave to me “A Gift of Rosemary Mint.” This gift set features three rosemary mint products: shampoo, conditioner, and hand/body wash. Each one contains the scent of organic rosemary, peppermint, and other flower and plant essences.       On the second day of Aveda, my true love gave to me “A Gift of Shampure.” With Shampure’s hand/body wash, body lotion, and moisturizing crème, you’ll be able to give (or receive) the gift that calms the senses. The combi