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Spring Break (or any trip) Packing Guide

March is officially here, which means that Spring isn’t far behind. Before we get there though, it’s that time of year where many people travel for a week to escape to get a break from the cold weather: Spring Break. Now this annual migration is popular among college students, but we’re not talking about a Spring Breakers type situation for your getaway. We’re talking about a rejuvenating, family friendly Spring vacation. So, if you are traveling this time of year, we compiled your very own packing guide.  At this point, you’ve got your destination picked out and it’s most likely somewhere warm and sunny. Although depending on where you’re going, it may not be 80 degrees every day. The temperature could fluctuate and get down to the 60s, especially at night.  Tip 1: Prepare for the weather and pack a variety of clothing options.   Of course, the essentials like shorts, short sleeve shirts, and tank tops will make their way into your suitcases, but you should also bring