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Start Off Spring with a New Look

Although Spring started already, now that the temperature is starting to warm up and the flowers are starting to bloom, it’s actually beginning to feel like Spring. Because of this change in weather, it’s time to be off with the old and in with the new – new style, hair, nails and of course, a new you!  Style  It wouldn’t be a new season or look without some changes to your wardrobe. It’s time to step up your style to match the trends or combine your personal style with those trends to create a look that’s entirely yours. One Spring essential this year is a floral dress. It can be casual or fancy, depending on the occasion, but we are referencing a causal floral sundress that can be worn around to make you feel warm and happy like the weather.  Another Spring essential is a denim jacket. This is not only a Spring essential, but a clothing item to have in your closest constantly because they are so versatile. Denim jackets can be worn over a nice blouse as a si