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Back to School Doesn't Have to be a Hassle: Prepare Healthier Lunches with Less Stress

Photo by: Shape Magazine Back to school season is here, which means that it’s time to get back to preparing kid’s lunches (and your own). Making lunches may seem like a simple task, but it can get tedious when you’re doing it every day. That’s why we wrote this blog to make it easier to prepare healthy lunches for you and your kids! Tip 1: Prepare in advance While this may seem like a no-brainer, there’s more than one way to prepare your meals in advance. Some people meal prep for the whole week, for the day before, etc. Our meal prep tip looks a little different, though.  Make a menu for the week with what foods you are going to pack and prepare so you can buy those foods/ingredients at the store. This will help you avoid buying what you see at the store and stick to your list, which saves you money too.  Here’s a bonus tip: if some of your recipes require less common ingredients, try to make other recipes that contain those ingredients that week. Instead of u