Take a Tour of Historic Milford, Pa.

Photo Source: Harrington House Milford
Take a Tour of Historic Milford, Pa.

Welcome to small, historic Pennsylvanian town – Milford, Pa. While this little town may not look like much, it’s more than what meets the eye and almost 1,000 people are proud to call this place home. Milford isn’t only home to these many citizens, but home to a plethora of unique home-grown businesses. When you visit, you’ll be supporting local business instead of large corporations so let’s take a tour of the must-see Milford gems. 


What you may not know about Milford is the historic history it holds. From influential people staying at the Hotel Fauchére to the heart of the conservation movement, Milford’s roots are more crucial to history than you’d think. 

Since its opening in 1852, Hotel Fauchére has been the high-class accommodation spot to many influential people of the time. Some guests you’ll probably recognize include Babe Ruth, and both Presidents Roosevelt and President Kennedy. While th…

Start Off Spring with a New Look

Although Spring started already, now that the temperature is starting to warm up and the flowers are starting to bloom, it’s actually beginning to feel like Spring. Because of this change in weather, it’s time to be off with the old and in with the new – new style, hair, nails and of course, a new you! 


It wouldn’t be a new season or look without some changes to your wardrobe. It’s time to step up your style to match the trends or combine your personal style with those trends to create a look that’s entirely yours.

One Spring essential this year is a floral dress. It can be casual or fancy, depending on the occasion, but we are referencing a causal floral sundress that can be worn around to make you feel warm and happy like the weather. 

Another Spring essential is a denim jacket. This is not only a Spring essential, but a clothing item to have in your closest constantly because they are so versatile. Denim jackets can be worn over a nice blouse as a simple addition or with a T-Sh…

Spring Break (or any trip) Packing Guide

March is officially here, which means that Spring isn’t far behind. Before we get there though, it’s that time of year where many people travel for a week to escape to get a break from the cold weather: Spring Break. Now this annual migration is popular among college students, but we’re not talking about a Spring Breakers type situation for your getaway. We’re talking about a rejuvenating, family friendly Spring vacation. So, if you are traveling this time of year, we compiled your very own packing guide. 

At this point, you’ve got your destination picked out and it’s most likely somewhere warm and sunny. Although depending on where you’re going, it may not be 80 degrees every day. The temperature could fluctuate and get down to the 60s, especially at night. 

Tip 1: Prepare for the weather and pack a variety of clothing options.

Of course, the essentials like shorts, short sleeve shirts, and tank tops will make their way into your suitcases, but you should also bring some long pants, lon…

Looking for Valentine's Day Date Ideas? Look No Further!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and there are two types of people around this time of year. First, there's those who love everything about this holiday and the romantic gestures it includes or there's those who think it’s a commercialized holiday and only care about the discounted chocolate on Feb. 15. Now there’s nothing wrong with either, but this blog post is definitely catered to those who enjoy Valentine’s Day since we’ll be giving you some date night ideas for you and your special someone. 

Dancing Skip the club (unless that’s a Valentine’s Date you’re into, you do you) and take a real dance class or find some live music to make up your own impromptu dance to. Even if you’re not a dancer, this is a fun chance for you and your partner to shake things up and try something new! Or if you both love dancing, then it’s just an excuse to brush up on your skills. Ice Skating Now, this activity may not be the easiest, with balance and whatnot, but it just will give you an excuse to …

Fall/Winter Fashion Must-Haves Part 2

Last November, we wrote a precursor blog post to this one, where we outlined other fall/winter fashion essentials (sweaters and scarves). However, to be able to include all the season’s essentials, it would be too much for one blog, so we decided to split them into two parts. This is our second one, so if you want to catch up on the first post you can read it here: Beanies Beanies can be boiled down to two different styles – with pompoms or without, sure there are many varieties within each category, but we’re going to keep it simple. This accessory is perfect for any fall/winter occasion, not only to keep your head warm, but to add a little flair to your outfit. 
Without Pompoms: Beanies without pompoms are usually not as wintery and can be worn in more situations than ones with pompoms. They can be dressed up and dressed down from a nice sweater to a flannel, these beanies can be worn with either.

With Pom…

12 Days of Aveda

This time of year is filled with holiday themed music, and one of the songs you’re most likely to hear in some way or form is the “12 Days of Christmas.” You know, the one that lists all the presents some lady is getting for 12 days of Christmas. Well, that song was the inspiration behind this blog post, because we decided to take that popular tune and turn it into the 12 Days of Aveda, featuring Aveda’s special gift packages for the holiday season.

On the first day of Aveda, my true love gave to me “A Gift of Rosemary Mint.” This gift set features three rosemary mint products: shampoo, conditioner, and hand/body wash. Each one contains the scent of organic rosemary, peppermint, and other flower and plant essences. 

On the second day of Aveda, my true love gave to me “A Gift of Shampure.” With Shampure’s hand/body wash, body lotion, and moisturizing crème, you’ll be able to give (or receive) the gift that calms the senses. The combination of 25 flower and plant essences like lavender a…