Dress to Impress: St. Patrick's Day

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Now that it’s March, St. Patrick’s Day is the next upcoming holiday and the time to celebrate Irish heritage and culture. While it may seem obvious to throw on that one green t-shirt you have laying in your drawers and call it a day, we have some tips for you to outdo yourself this year. Instead of relying on a t-shirt with St. Patrick’s Day or a pun about being lucky, try out a more sophisticated look this year. These outfits allow you to wear the clothes you love so it doesn’t only look like you’re out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 

Outfit 1

Our first outfit features black jeans, which can be used in a variety of outfit choices. These pants are so versatile and pair well with the splash of green you’re going to add in each St. Patrick’s Day combo. Top these black pants with a green sweater, they come in a variety of shades and styles, so add your own style into this outfit so you can show off you. Throw on some black booties to keep a classic look. 
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Outfit 2

The second outfit is similar to the first one and you can match it with black or blue jeans. This one takes a more casual look (though not as casual as your St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt). Pair these black pants with a green flannel and whichever shade of green you enjoy. Olive green is always a good option, but flannels come in so many shades, you’ll find the perfect one for you. Rock your favorite black boots, combat boots are a personal favorite or sneakers to match the flannel style. 
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Outfit 3

Our third outfit is the last one featuring jeans of sorts and this one features a pair of olive-green pants. This allows you to switch up from incorporating the green into your top and allow your pants to have the pop of color. Throw on a white sweater to offset the main color with a neutral one and add some black or brown boots to complete the style. 
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Outfit 4

The fourth outfit features a green floral dress. This is a versatile piece of clothing that you can search for (or maybe already have one you love) to find the perfect one for you. Floral patterns come in many different designs and there are plenty of shades of green available so you can find the perfect combo. Since it’s still winter, adding a pair of pantyhose and pairing the dress with tall black or brown boots completes the look while keeping you warm. 
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Outfit 5

Our final outfit for Saint Patrick’s Day shows off your Irish pride with a green skirt; olive green is a good shade choice for this article of clothing. Pair this with a white sweater, tall brown or black boots and pantyhose if your legs will be cold. Throw on some of your favorite accessories to match the weather. You can also swap this outfit around and rock a green sweater with a neutral color skirt! 
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These are some of our favorite Saint Patrick’s Day looks to show off your Irish heritage, while still keeping up with your favorite fashion pieces. You don’t have to go all out in full green, adding splashes of it in your outfit allows for a perfect mix of a strong color with neutral tones, and makes it more appealing to the eye. Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day and let us know your favorite outfit on the list!


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