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Fall/Winter Fashion Must-Haves Part 2

Last November, we wrote a precursor blog post to this one, where we outlined other fall/winter fashion essentials (sweaters and scarves). However, to be able to include all the season’s essentials, it would be too much for one blog, so we decided to split them into two parts. This is our second one, so if you want to catch up on the first post you can read it here: Beanies Beanies can be boiled down to two different styles – with pompoms or without, sure there are many varieties within each category, but we’re going to keep it simple. This accessory is perfect for any fall/winter occasion, not only to keep your head warm, but to add a little flair to your outfit.  Without Pompoms: Beanies without pompoms are usually not as wintery and can be worn in more situations than ones with pompoms. They can be dressed up and dressed down from a nice sweater to a flannel, these beanies can be wor