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Take a Tour of Historic Milford, Pa.

Photo Source: Harrington House Milford Take a Tour of Historic Milford, Pa. Welcome to small, historic Pennsylvanian town – Milford, Pa. While this little town may not look like much, it’s more than what meets the eye and almost 1,000 people are proud to call this place home. Milford isn’t only home to these many citizens, but home to a plethora of unique home-grown businesses. When you visit, you’ll be supporting local business instead of large corporations so let’s take a tour of the must-see Milford gems.  History-Buffs  What you may not know about Milford is the historic history it holds. From influential people staying at the Hotel Fauchére to the heart of the conservation movement, Milford’s roots are more crucial to history than you’d think.  Since its opening in 1852, Hotel Fauchére has been the high-class accommodation spot to many influential people of the time. Some guests you’ll probably recognize include Babe Ruth, and both Presidents Roosevelt an