Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be focused on couples but is about spreading love to all your loved ones and yourself. You don’t need to be in a relationship, nor do you need Valentine’s Day to show love and appreciate others. So, this holiday, whether you’re in a relationship or happily single, you can still practice self-care not only now but in your everyday life. That’s why we compiled some tips for you to get the most out of taking care of yourself this year. 

Start off the day with deep breaths

Deep breaths help you put yourself in the moment and calm down your brain. Doing a few in the morning while focusing on the present will prepare you for the day ahead. It’s important to not get ahead of yourself each day and to enjoy every moment you have. Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t here yet, so live in the present.
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Stretch in the morning

Taking deep breaths puts you in the right mindset for the day and pairing that with stretching can reduce your stress levels. Doing both together can prepare you for the day even more as well as increase blood flow for better concentration and give you more energy. Depending on the long day you have ahead of you, it never hurts to have more energy so you can cherish every moment.
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 Prepare a nutritious breakfast

This morning, and the mornings you have time, prepare yourself a healthy breakfast. Eggs are always a great option to keep you full longer and start your day off with some energy. If eggs aren’t your thing, fruit, yogurt and oatmeal are some other healthy options for you to kick off the day feeling refreshed. 
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Allow yourself to indulge in some sweets 

While it’s important to eat healthily and keep yourself active, it still is Valentine’s Day, therefore it’s only right that you enjoy some sweets. Whether chocolates, brownies or ice cream is your weakness, treat yourself to some. Everything is good for you in moderation and calories don’t count on the holidays! 
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Treat yourself to a spa treatment at TLC

Everyone should be able to have a spa treatment on Valentine’s Day and that’s where we come in. We offer plenty of services for you to give you the relaxing spa day you deserve, such as manicures/pedicures and a variety of facial treatments. TLC has something for everyone and their ideal self-care regimen.
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Unwind before bed 

When the day is almost over, my favorite thing to do is unwind by watching tv or reading a book. This is something you can do before you go to sleep to finish off your day doing something you enjoy. After all, that’s part of what self-care is all about! 
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Thanks for reading about our tips for practicing self-care on Valentine’s Day and every day. Self-care is crucial and shouldn’t be a special occasion; it’s important to always take care of our bodies and mind. Happy Valentine’s Day and if you enjoyed this blog, share it and tell us your favorite way to practice self-care!


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