Enhance your Health for Wellness Month

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August is National Wellness Month and your physical and mental health matter, this month and every month. So, during your busy lives, make sure to take some time for yourself and practice self-care. We compiled some tips that you can use to easily take care of your body and mind. You’re worth it. 

Take Time to Relax

This may seem simple, but it’s hard to find time for yourself in your busy life. Between work or school, activities outside of your job, seeing family and friends and more, it’s difficult to focus on yourself. 

To combat this, take at least 30 minutes to do something truly relaxing. This could be a session of yoga, a combination of stretching and breathing exercises or meditating. Simply do anything that takes your mind off your busy life and lets you free your mind. These activities can do wonders for the body and mind such as improving cardiovascular health and managing your stress.

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Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Sleep is incredibly important and although everyone’s body is different, every adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep to function their best. It may be easier said than done to sleep better, but there are some tricks to help get you those 9 hours. 

Our first tip is to go to sleep at similar times each night. This will give your body a schedule and create a natural rhythm for your sleep-wake cycle. Wouldn’t it be great if we could wake up naturally and without an alarm? Well, this is the first step!

The second tip is to put away the electronics before your head hits the pillow. The blue light stimulates your brain, making it more difficult to shut off. If you’re having trouble putting your phone down right before bed, try reading before you go to sleep. This will give your brain a work out while giving you the chance to unwind at the end of the day. 
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Take Care of Your Eyes

While taking care of your skin with products like sunscreen, exfoliates and others are important, taking care of your eyes matters just as much. Eyecare is simple too: wear sunglasses when in the sun and take breaks when using electronics for long periods of time. An easy tip to remember when using electronics is to look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. 
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This tip may seem obvious since we’re told all our lives the best way to stay healthy is to eat well and exercise. Now exercising isn’t for everyone. Not everybody can do Crossfit five times a week with multiple hour-long workouts the other two days a week – and that’s okay. No matter your comfort level with exercise, you can still practice getting your heart rate up. All you have to do is perform a work out that you feel comfortable doing to keep you active and healthy.

While exercise is clearly good for your body, it’s equally as good for your brain. When your heart rate increases, your brain gets more oxygen and it aids hormone releases, which provide the environment for your brain cells to grow.
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Dress to Impress

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘look good, feel good?’ When you dress well, in clothes that you’re comfortable and feel good in, it’s natural that you’ll feel better about yourself. By liking what you’re wearing, you gain more confidence, thus we feel good about ourselves as a whole. 

When you’re picking out your outfit for work, shopping or even to run errands, make sure you’re choosing something you feel good in. We don’t have to dress up for every occasion, but it benefits to dress to impress. Impress who? Yourself, of course!
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Think of Something You’re Grateful for Each Day

It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity in the world and in your life, but this can really bog down how you feel. In order to combat this and put you in a positive mindset, think of three things you’re grateful for at the end of the day. (You can think of just one too). 

By focusing on the positive things in your life, we increase our overall positive emotions, decrease negative ones and raises our overall satisfaction in life. Being grateful allows us to see the good in the world and not get drug down by the negatives. That’s a lot of good for thinking about a few things we’re grateful for.
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Treat Yourself to a TLC Spa Treatment

If you’re looking to really relax and forget about your worries for a bit, then a TLC spa treatment is for you. From facials to massages and more, we got you covered. Call us at (570) 409-1171 to make your appointment so you can get relaxing!
Thanks for reading our blog this month! We hope you enjoyed some of our tips to help increase your body and mind’s wellness. It’s important to take care of yourself, it’s the only one of you that you have. 

What’s your favorite tip? Or do you have some tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments of this blog or reply to our social media post! We’ll highlight responses on our social media account. 

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