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July is the perfect time for your summer vacation and one of the most popular destinations is the beach. With the joys of the beach like the sun, ocean and constant relaxing comes the sand and sun that can ruin your hair. You can still keep your hair stylish during your trip to the ocean with some easy go-to hairstyles, so your hair can be the last thing you worry about. 

Pull It Back

The easiest way to keep your hair stylish at the beach is to pull it back. You can do this in a variety of ways, from a simple ponytail to tying it in a braid. This will help stop it from getting tangled from waving around in the ocean’s windy air. 

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The simplest way to keep your hair out of your face and still stylish when you’re under the sun is to put it in a ponytail. If you don’t want to stick to a basic ponytail and want to spice it up, try adding a braid to it. You can start a braid that leads into your ponytail (whether it be a normal ponytail or side one, it’s up to you on how to style it!) Check out the tutorial for the hairstyle below here!

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Another easy way to keep your hair stylish at the beach is to put it in a bun. This may seem like common sense if you normally throw your hair in this style, but there’s so much more to a bun than you’d think. 

You can style it like a messy bun to look like you put little effort into your hair, but yet it still looks perfect or you can go for a neater look. This is where tight buns come into play, which look more styled. Either way, you’re going to look ready for your vacation by spending the day in the sun. The tutorial for this bun and two others can be found here!

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Braids are another go-to style that is a little more complicated than a ponytail or bun since there are many different ways to braid. Once you learn the basics, there are plenty of tutorials to help you master the other types of braids. This allows you to switch up your hairstyle even if you want to keep it braided. 

Some unique braids include a French braid and a fishtail braid. Both braids take a little time to learn, but once you have them down, they are the perfect style to wear to the beach. While other braids also do the job, there’s something about a fishtail or French braid that screams ‘summertime.’ Check out the tutorial for this fishtail braid here!

Add Accessories 
If putting your hair up in one of the hairstyles listed above isn’t enough, you can add some accessories to make your look pop. Whether you want to keep bangs out of your face or if you have shorter hair and want to keep it back, then accessories like headbands or hats are just what you need. 

They are perfect to use if you’re hair is in a ponytail, bun or braid, if you want to keep your hair down or if you have a shorter haircut. You can go for a chic look with a headband/scarf or go casual with a sporty headband or bandana. However you want to style your accessories, it will work well for your sunny beach day.
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Hats aren’t only an accessory for the colder months; there’s plenty of summer-friendly hats that you can wear during the season and at the beach. 

Baseball hats are a great option to wear with your hair up or down especially because they block the sun so well. They are perfect for blocking the sun from your eyes (if you forgot your sunglasses) or covering your face to protect it from sunburn. If you’re a fan of hats, then there’s a good chance you already own a baseball cap.
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If you’re interested in a chic style of hat and with the most sun protection, then opt for a floppy sun hat. These hats come in many different designs from the plain tan straw color to a cream or even in multiple colors. No matter which one you chose, your face will be protected from the sun’s UV rays.
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Floppy sun hats are bold and not the style for everyone so if that’s not your speed, then the Panama hat may be the option for you. This is still a sun hat, but with a smaller, firm brim. This hat will protect you from the sun and doesn’t stand out as much. 
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Our final hat option is a bucket hat, which offers similar sun protection as the Panama hat, but more casual. If you want to rock a casual look at the beach, but want more sun protection than the baseball hat, then this is the hat for you. They offer more even protection by having an extended brim around the whole hat, instead of the main brim you see in baseball caps. 
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Thanks for reading about different ways to rock your hairstyle at the beach this summer! We hope you found some different styles or twists on old classics that you’d like to try. 

What’s your favorite style here? Let us know in the comments and we’ll highlight some answers on our social media accounts.  


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